I recorded a short video of my current project: A mechanical clock made from lasercut plywood. It ticks! It tocks! That's about it! Baby steps.


God damn check out this cool frog.

Fringed Leaf frog or the Fringed Tree frog.

I need some bearings so I'm disassembling my old Mendel Reprap. This was among the first functional home 3d printers in Australia. It was printed on Hackerspace Brisbane's printer, which was printed by Adrian Boyer, the inventor of the Reprap self-replicating 3d printer.

I reckon being recycled into useful parts is a noble end. It printed over a dozen other printers during its life.

This arvo we assembled some spare bee hive boxes and frames. A mate of ours has discovered bees living in their house. Hive number five, here we come!

Laser-engraved school supplies? Why not! Shoot lasers at everything, I reckon.

This peace lilly managed to pull through! I've had it sitting outside in the shade for a month to recover from an unsuccessful indoor relocation (plus a hearty dose of neglect). Fingers crossed.

That metal plate on top was flat when the round started. Brutal!

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I found the real reason generics were added to golang: To put an end to this specific person's workflow.

New (?) Korean BBQ place down the road was awesome. Kids loved it.

I built a rack with heating elements built-in for my vacuum freeze-drying system. It worked great! I ran my biggest batch yet - 230g of mango and apple, and produced 30g of crunchy freeze-dried yum.

Here's a video of the setup, with some cool thermal footage at the end. youtu.be/RvJgVv9kXG4

Somehow I managed to assemble this without stabbing myself in the finger with the fine stainless wire.

Fit test. Looks good! I'll make a video before this gets too spammy.

Our fun Sunday project: Alex wanted to build something so I suggested a chair. He sketched out a design and we went through a few revisions. I had a big sheet of cheap MDF sitting downstairs for various projects. Alex measured and drew out all the cuts, then I cut it out for him. Sam helped organise the screws. Alex learned a lot about geometry and metrology. He's really proud of his creation. Next up: glue, detail cuts and paint.

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